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There are many web hosting companies looking for your business.  With the competition heating up ,we have taken the time to put together some web hosting company ratings and reviews that may assist you in your decision making process.  As a consumer you always want information that may be of great assistance to you.  Here is a list of some of the best known companies in the hosting business.  These companies are LUNERPAGES, IPOWER WEB and GLOBAT. 

Each company has features that the other one does not have.  For example customer support inquires, a web forum, free domain, money back guarantee, bandwidth , storage space, web mail, control panel, user friendly instructions, FTP access, site management tools, free software/ scripts, web stats and of course cost.  What is really depends on is what you are looking for.  As a consumer you must decide what is important to you.

We have made life a little easier by listing these companies here. You will be able to do your own review and determine what benefits or detriments you want.  Web hosting companies are a long term partner is your success on the Internet. It is often good to check out the short list.  We realize that the Internet is here to stay and only deal with proven industry leaders.  After all, it is you web page that matters the most to you .  Check out these top hosts for quality, reliability and results.


Powerful Hosting - 7.95 - Free Setup - Great web hosting company provider

InMotion Hosting - Top web hosting company - If you are looking for a proven winner, then take a look at InMotion Hosting.  Great bandwith, storage space , web mail and more here.

Website Source Amazing deals for this top hosting company. You have the ability to host many sites for really cheap.

500MB of storage and 20GB of transfer for only 7.95 - LUNARPAGES , Reviews and ratings suggest that this company is tops in many different departments.

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Earth First provides hosting and domain name registration services. Compare us today.

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